Waffenfabrik Bern M78

Serial numbers match. they are very collectible and can sell for up to 1300$$ im asking 300$. by Waffenfabrik Bern in c. 41 Caliber, Repeater, 33. Manufacture Dates: 1878-1881 Eidgenössische Waffenfabrik, Bern Although attempts had been made to improve the 69/71 design, the Model 1878 action, aside from some minor improvements, changed very little. Waffenfabrik Bern, 1876. We have had a waffenfabrik mauser a-g oberndorf a/n 1917 in the rifle rack since at least the mid 70's. 41) Rimfire - obsolete calibre. Swiss Vetterli M78 Waffenfabrik Bern If it is in good shape then it is a good deal. 4700 g Length 1325 mm Barrel length 843 mm Feed system 12-round tubular magazine To accelerate the sluggish production of the Vetterli rifles, the federal authorities built a new arms factory in Berne, the Eidgenössische Waffenfabrik (W+F), in 1875. Zimmerman Signature Tools. 78 markings. 78 Intérieur du canon avec de belles rayures ,canon miroirs, poinçonné sur la partie octogonale du canon. 001 all older serials could have been made by several other manufacturers too. 50 cal black powder rifle; Vetterli Waffenfabrik Bern 1878 M78 military rifle & gun parts; ammo cans. It was used during World War One. Waffenfabrik Bern. Swiss vetterli waffenfabrik bern m 78 m 78 waffen fabrik bern swiss vetterli m78 bolt action swiss m78 waffenfabrik bern jm davis firearms. There is no Rust on the barrel or mechanism and bore looks good for 125 year old rifle. Waffenfabrik Bern M. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. lot 2138: schmidt rubin 7. 1889' BOLT-MAGAZINE REPEATING SERVICE RIFLE SERIAL NO. Good wood and meta for sale by Clifton Gross on GunsAmerica - 934696415. if anyone could be of help with this matter, I would appreciate it. Waffenfabrik Bern, Switzerland, 1883. 41 ) Swiss rimfire and manufactured in Waffenfabrik Bern. 98 in original condition and $4. This rifle, pictured above, was acquired by Joseph Burton Calhoun during his service in WWI. Rarity: R3 Condition: Exc Price: $485. It fired a. I have a Waffenfabrik M78 which is missing the cleaning rod. All matching numbers, wood original finish, not import marked, very clean. Serial numbers match. Used, but very good contition Waffenfabrik Bern M. Auction: 13981055 LSB#: 151221ST25 Make: Waffenfabrik Bern, Switzerland Model: Model 1878 (M78) Serial Number:
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